O Vista corre o risco de naufragar?

Why is Vista such a catastrophe and how does this affect the Open Source/Free Software community? Part of the problem, I think, is that Vista essentially does nothing new, and has no new features that are of interest to the general computer using public. The veteran IT journalist Nicholas Petreley (now editor of Linux Journal) created his first law of computer journalism, which is “No technology exists until Microsoft invents it”. This held true while Microsoft systems were so primitive that every new release was a vast improvement on the previous one. The public “oohed” and “ahhed” over such exciting new features as multi-tasking, and overlapping windows; even as people in the industry tried to point out that every new feature was merely copied from other, more sophisticated systems. The problem for Microsoft is that most of this copying has already been done. Windows XP actually has most of the features of Linux and the Mac, though I’d complain they’re implemented poorly in Windows. Even if Vista has improved on the implementation, what kind of a marketing message is “we now do things properly”?

Jeremy Allison, falando sobre o Windows Vista

[via Graffiti]


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